Located on historic Granada Blvd is Fountain Square. Built in 1976, Fountain Square Village has been a part of Ormond Beach for many years. In 2018 when there was talk about replacing it with a five story apartment building, the community was not happy. After a long journey,  the space was purchased with hopes of not only restoring it to its former glory but making it even better than before! With Seven businesses currently open, two coming soon, and lease space for five new businesses, you could say Fountain Square is well on its way to being better than ever. 

   Aside from hosting only local businesses, Fountain Square is proud to be home to many women owned businesses. Over 90% of the shops are owned or operated by women! This includes, Joyologie, MarketRite, Beach People, Bliss Wellness, Leek Educational, Taylor Trading, Bikini Co and Finishing Touches. We are filled with women supporting women! Fountain Square Village is a place where everyone isn’t only welcome but they are family!

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